ChemiCenter II


The new ChemiCenter II dilution control system is now available to order through your local Pro-Link distributor.

With 18 products, there is a solution for any facility's cleaning requirements. The chemical offerings include six EcoLogo certified chemicals. Plus, new to the Pro-Link chemical product mix is Quat Pro 16, a hospital grade Peroxide disinfectant. It cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one step and is formulated with the power of Hydrogen Peroxide.

The dispensers offered are:

  • 4 Button Cabinet – Provides bottle fill and bucket fill options for four products.
  • Single Button Dispenser – Space efficient design, connects up to two units.
  • Portable Dispenser – Designed for portable dispensing.
Item Number Description
B14300 #1 Glass Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14310 #12 Blitz II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14312 #14 Broadband Q256 II-Dilution Rate 1:256
B14302 #3 Neutral Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:256
B14313 #15 High Speed Restorer II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14314 #16 Quat Pro™ - Quat based disinfectant with 8% Hydrogen Peroxide II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14315 #17 Highly Concentrated General Purpose Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:200
B14305 #7 Enzyme Cleaner & Deodorizer II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14316 #18 1-2-20 II - Stripper II-Dilution Rate 1:20
B14309 #11 Oxygenated Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:128
B14301 #2 Glass & Surface Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14304 #6 Bathroom and Bowl Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:20
B14307 #9 Neutral All Purpose Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:256
B14311 #13 Non-Solvent Cleaner/Degreaser II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14308 #10 General Purpose Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14306 #8 Floral Odor Neutralizer II-Dilution Rate 1:32
B14317 #19 Lavender Fields Air Freshener II-Dilution Rate 1:32
B14303 #5 Non Acid Bathroom Cleaner II-Dilution Rate 1:64
B14318 ChemiCenter II Q 4 button cabinet
B14319 ChemiCenter II S Single Button dispenser
B14320 ChemiCenter II P Portable dispenser
B14321 ChemiCenter II Premium Foamer Kit (for Portable Dispenser)
B14322 ChemiCenter II Bulk Conversion Kit (for Single Button Dispenser)
B14323 ChemiCenter II Faucet Y Adapter/Two-way Splitter
B14324 ChemiCenter II 6' Water Supply Hose - Black
B14325 ChemiCenter II Pressure Indicating T

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