Featured Product - Pro-Link Harmony of Fragrances

Coordinated scents across three different air care systems.Harmonize Your World Image-300

Whether you need urinal screens, a passive air freshener in a general restroom area or a discreet fragrance solution in bathroom stalls, our air care systems use complementary fragrance solutions and unique ways of dispensing aromas to revolutionize the way the world thinks of the traditional air freshener.

e-MergeLogoPro-Link e-Merge™ offers a revolutionary process to deliver consistent fragrance intensity with the release of different, powerful, and appealing fragrances over time.

Pro-Link EZ-FRESH - smallPro-Link’s EZ-FRESH™ is a solid state universal air freshener with added malodor eliminating micro porous materials to combat bad odors. It can be easily installed onto any hard surface, out of sight from visitors.

PROLINK URINAL SCREEN WHITE smallPro-Link Premium Urinal Screens offer an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free flowing. They also combat odor between restroom cleaning visits. Note, Pro-Link offers the same great fragrances with new names to make coordinating restroom solutions easier for you. Try our new Ocean Mist fragrance!

To learn more about Pro-Link's Harmony of Fragrances air care products or purchase them, contact your local Pro-Link distributor.