Featured Product - UPV 1.7 HEPA Vacuum

The new Pro-Link UVP 1.7 HEPA Vacuum is a great choice for professional cleaners and anyone needing a durable vacuum with outstanding performance. Its HEPA filter helps maintain air quality, and its 1.7 horsepower motor provides excellent pick-up power. Because of these features, the Carpet and Rug Institute gives the UVP 1.7 HEPA Vacuum a Gold rating.

This 12-inch upright vacuum has an adjustable handle and contoured grip that make it comfortable to use. It is also easy to maintain, as common maintenance tasks—changing filters, the brush roll, and the cord—require no tools.

Contact your local Pro-Link distributor to get your UVP 1.7 HEPA Vacuum today.

UVP 1.7 HPA Vacuum Sell Sheet