Long Term Care Program Launched

Canton, MA – September 25, 2012 – Pro-Link announces the release of a comprehensive program for Long Term Care facilities. The Pro-Link program takes a holistic approach to help ensure LTC facilities are clean and consistently provide a safe, healthy environment for elderly residents.

The Pro-Link programs helps LTC facilities achieve the following benefits:

A Cleaner, Healthier Facility
  • The right products and proper cleaning procedures to achieve the highest level of clean
  • Improved infection prevention and cross contamination control
  • Creating a positive first impression with potential new customers
Improved Survey Scores
  • Fewer environmental deficiencies during state inspections
  • Improved CMS ratings which helps make the LTC facility a post-acute care provider of choice
Reduced Housekeeping Costs
  • Clean as efficiently and effectively as possible with LTC-specific cleaning procedures, quality control tools and products that save time
  • Proper training for the housekeeping staff to comply with OSHA and other regulations

To deliver these benefits, the Pro-Link program works in three areas to help improve LTC facilities' housekeeping operations:

ltc program_components


1 - Housekeeping Operational Tools
Pro-Link has developed a number of tools that LTC facilities can use to improve their housekeeping program. Some of these tools include the following:
  • Long Term Care Building Audit
  • Healthcare Acquired Infection Prevention Checklist
  • LTC Specific Cleaning Procedures – see an example icon here
  • Quality Control and Budget Tracking Tools
2 - The Right Products
Pro-Link offers everything LTC facilities need to effectively and efficiently clean and maintain their building. For long term care customers we'll recommend the right product to ensure the job is done effectively and save money at the same time by increasing labor productivity. Plus, we offer a complete range of green certified, environmentally friendly products that create a healthier environment for both residents and the housekeeping staff.
3 - Service and Support
Pro-Link is a national janitorial supply organization with over 100 distribution points in the US. Pro-Link distributors are available to develop cleaning programs that fit the specific needs of a LTC facility, train housekeeping staff on new products and procedures and provide advice and support on an ongoing basis.
For More Information
To learn more about the Pro-Link program for Long Term Care facilities, visit our LTC program page at www.prolinkhq.com/LTC or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mike Nelson, VP of Marketing.