Clean and Disinfect Glass and Surfaces with OneStep

Canton, MA – November 19, 2012 – Pro-Link, a national jan/san buying and marketing group based in Canton, Massachusetts, recently introduced a refreshing new product – OneStep.
OneStep is one of the most versatile products in the market today, designed for disinfecting, general cleaning and streak free, film free glass cleaning. Facilities can save time and costs using OneStep:  
  • One product to buy and inventory vs. three
  • One product simplifies staff training – there is no need to train staff on multiple cleaning products
  • One product to use reduces cleaning time elapsed – no more going back and forth to a janitor or maids cart to put away and retrieve the cleaner needed for the task at hand

onestepThis easy to use product - just spray, let dwell and wipe clean – was also designed with your cleaning staff’s comfort in mind, featuring a comfortable, light weight pistol grip quart package.

OneStep can be used on glass, sealed wood, restroom fixtures, counter tops and any non-food contact surface, such as tables, chairs, walls and doors. It’s also ideal for cleaning frequent contact surfaces such as door knobs and elevator buttons.


The fresh lemon scent gives occupants that “just cleaned” feeling, giving them a great impression of your facility. To learn more, contact your local Pro-Link distributor.